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   Dear customers and agents.    Elect Capital makes payments in normal mode without failures and delays. You can verify transaction existence by by clicking on the Bitcoin transaction link that appears in the payment history.    In the last 24 hours there are situations when the client does not see the payment on his … Читать далее Bitcoin transactions delay


  Dear customers and partners of the company! I am pleased to invite you to the presentation of Elect Capital in Turkey. At this event, they will talk about automated trading with crypto-currencies using Machine Learning from Amazon Web Services. Machine Learning is a method of self-learning algorithm for solving a set of similar problems … Читать далее Presentation of Elect Capital in Turkey

Blockchain ELect

  Dear customers and agents of the company! Recently, due to problems in Blochain’s work, there were always problems with processing transactions in the Bitcoin network and significantly increased the timeframe for obtaining funds for wallets. In this regard, since June 8, 2017, a single commission has been established to withdraw funds from Elect Capital. … Читать далее A single commission for the withdrawal of funds from Elect Capital


  ?Thank you friends !! Elect Capital announces the beginning of the contest, and everyone who wants to join our powerful movement will happily make a gift in the form of a deposit of $ 20 for a period of 1 month, which will be brought to you + 6% ?Terms of the tender from … Читать далее MAKE REPORTS AND RECEIVE $ 20 FROM THE COMPANY


  Dear customers and agents of the company! Owners of purse are increasingly facing platform problems. In various social networks, there have been many reports of problems with login and transactions., one of the bitlock wallets and blockbuster researchers, is now in the process of updating its platform. Apparently, the problems are related … Читать далее Problems in the operation of the service


Promotion «Holiday in Cyprus» Increase the turnover of your team by $ 15,000 for 1 month and spend a chic and unforgettable vacation at the expense of Elect Capital in a five-star hotel in Cyprus in the company of the best Agents Elect Capital. Promotion conditions: 1. Promotion applies only to registered Elect Capital Agents. … Читать далее Spend a chic and unforgettable vacation at the expense of Elect Capital!