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General questions
Elect Capital
Elect Trading
Is the use of the online platform Elect Capital paid?
No, but to receive a regular profit, you need to buy a deposit or register as an agent.
Shall I specify the billing data for registration?
No. Only a phone number and an e-mail are required. Financial transactions are made through secured services without automatic deduction.
How can I become a client of the Company?
All you need is to pass a simple registration on our website https://elect.capital and open a deposit.
I have a problem with registration. What should I do?
Please contact our Support Service at support@elect.capital
Is the registration on the site paid?
The Company's website registration is absolutely free of charge. You don't need to put money into your Personal Account for the registration.
From what GEOs is the Company available?
Elect Capital covers the entire world. Therefore, regardless of the city and the country of your location, you can become a client of the Company.
Who can become a client?
Any citizen of any country can become a client.
Which withdrawal methods are available?
You can withdraw funds by Bitcoin, AdvCash or PerfectMoney.
How long has been Elect operating?
The company has started its operation in 2000. Elect has been evolving in several directions, such as: :
1. Elect Capital
2. Elect Trading
3. Elect Career
Does the Company conclude a Legal Agreement with its clients?
Yes. The Agreement gains its legal force as soon as the User has been registered on the website. If a printed version of the Agreement is required, you can download a copy of this Agreement from the Personal Account from the "Agreement" page. The Company may also send you a copy of the Agreement by e-mail provided that the amount of your deposit exceeds $100.
What kind of Company is this?
Elect Capital is a modern online investment platform for cryptocurrency trading. The main activities of Elect are:
1. Elect Capital
2. Elect Trading
3. Elect Career
Where can I check the Company's documents?
You can check all the Company's documents in the "About us" page.
How does the Company earn?
The Elect Capital earnings basis is an automated cryptocurrency trading algorithm that uses Machine Learning from Amazon Web Services. Machine Learning is an algorithm self-learning method aimed at solving similar tasks with the help of means of mathematical statistics, numerical methods, probability theory and graph theory. Elect Capital legally guarantees a stable income to its clients thanks to the latest forecasting algorithm for trading Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies.
I've found a technical or spelling mistake. What should I do?
Elect.capital is a complex client web application. And unfortunately, like any other software product, it may contain some errors. The Company's IT-department tries to sort out the failures as quickly as possible and is constantly striving to improve the Elect.capital website. You can report the error at: support@elect.capital. The company's employees would greatly appreciate your help.
What should I do if I forgot my password, or it doesn’t match?
Use the Restore Access Form.
What is Elect Capital?
Elect Capital is an online platform that allows clients to invest their funds in an innovative way of making money by trading cryptocurrency and to receive high passive income on a daily basis. The Elect Capital earnings are based on an automated cryptocurrency trading algorithm that uses Machine Learning from Amazon Web Services.
What is Machine Learning?
Machine Learning is an algorithm self-learning method aimed at solving similar tasks by means of mathematical statistics, numerical methods, probability theory. The use of the algorithm allows to predict the currency exchange fluctuations and to conduct profitable trading on exchanges.
How to start earning in Elect Capital?
To start working with the platform, you shall open any deposit for a period from 1 to 12 months. The minimum deposit amount is only $10.
How long will it take to withdraw my profit?
The profit of your deposit is charged every day. Funds withdrawal is available 24/7.
What payment systems does the Company deal with?
The clients put money and withdraw their funds by using more than 50 payment systems. A full list of the payment systems is available after the registration.
How can I be present on the event or webinar held by the Company?
You can find the schedule of the planned events on the Elect Capital website in the section "Events" and visit any you are interested in.
Is there any general statistics on open transactions where the automated trading Machine Learning is being used?
The more detailed information concerning the automated trading can be found in the Personal account in the "Trading Indicators" section.
Which currency can I open a deposit in?
All deposits shall be opened in US dollars.
What conditions for a deposit does the Company offer?
The Company offers 4 types of deposits. They have different percentage of profit and duration. For the detailed information about the conditions for deposits, please pass the registration procedure.
When is the interest on deposit accrued?
The deposit interest is accrued on daily basis regardless of the deposit type chosen.
When can I withdraw the accrued interest?
As soon as they are deposited in the individual account.
Is the principal of the deposit returned?
Yes. The principal of the deposit is returned on the maturity date. For example: You opened a Test deposit for 30 days. This means that during 29 days you will be credited with the daily interest on deposit, and on the thirtieth day you are credited with the interest on deposit and its principal.
What is Elect Trading?
Elect Trading is a web platform that allows you to generate your own income from quick trading. The basic idea is to trade on the fall or rise of Bitcoin, Litecoin or other cryptocurrency, represented in the system. The volatility of the winning ratio is based on the real situation in the Crypto-World.
What is Demo Account, and why do I need it?
Demo Account simulates trading on a real account and allows you to look through the interface of the platform, open a deposit and make the first trades without any financial risks.
Do I need to download additional software?
You are provided with a trading web platform bound to our resource. You don't need to download any additional software.
What is the minimum amount required to start a trade?
The minimum amount for trading is $1.
What are the advantages of using Elect Trading?
ELECT TRADING is a symbiosis of the Trade Exchange, Bitcoin Betting, Forex, Betting Shop, operating under the networking business rules in the cryptocurrency market. The advantages of using:
Return on a transaction is up to 95%
Opportunity to make money quickly in 1 minute
Cryptocurrency trading is active and highly profitable
Simple in use
Stylish modern design
Referral fees per each transaction performed by your referrals
User-friendly interface
Does not require special knowledge and skills
Can I use a bank card (Visa, Mastercard) to put money into a Personal Account?
Yes. You can put monet into a Personal Account using a card of any bank, through terminals, internet banking etc.
What is the Financial Transaction Fee?
The company charges a commission of 1% or at least $1 when withdrawing funds. This commission is paid to the payment system as an increased transfer fee to speed up the transaction processing. Start earning today
Start earning today
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