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Elect Capital electronic systems experiences outages, undergoing reinforcement
Dear partners of Elect Capital.


We are glad to inform you that the company officially resumes work after the New Year’s holiday.
2018 for the company will be a year of growth like the previous ones! A huge number of goals, updates and events are already planned in 2018, which you will soon learn about.


Unfortunately, some of the partners could already notice the instability in operation of Elect Capital electronic systems this year.
The beginning of 2018 was not easy for technical department of the company.


Since January 7th and up until now, serious DDOS attacks have been taking place on the company’s website. Because of the constant hacker attacks and attempts to break into personal accounts, some failures may occur, including incidents with an unauthorised charge of funds from partners’ accounts, problems with registrations, etc.
Also, this instability is preventing daily deposit interest rate mechanism from working correctly, and therefore it is not active yet.


Elect Capital’s technical department is currently eliminating DDOS attacks and all the malfunctions, the work will last indefinitely, there may be temporary disruptions in the operation of the site.


A similar situation arose from the beginning of September 2017, but within two weeks it was completely solved and the company successfully continued its work with the regular mode.


Employees of the company are sure that all the problems that have arisen are created by ill-wishers and competitors especially to undermine the authority of Elect Capital in the market.
Information about when the company leaves the vacation was public, and apparently, the attacks that are now occurring were planned in advance and it was during this period.


All financial losses will be reimbursed to our partners after the site stabilises.
We apologise for the inconvenience caused and strongly request that you understand the situation.


Follow the news on the company’s website!