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Elect Capital New Year holidays schedule
Dear customers and agents of the company, we inform you that from December 27, 2017 until January 10, 2018, part of Elect Capital staff officially leaves for the planned vacation. During this period, daily deposit earnings will be paused (and not credited), as well as withdrawals to third-party payment systems.



We would like to draw your attention to the fact that during the vacation part of the technical support staff, as well as the finance department, will continue their work as usual. Payment systems with which Elect Capital operates, the opening of deposits, all parts of Elect Trading. Any deposit plan can be opened from your account at any time convenient without restrictions.



Interest rate accreditation for all deposit accounts will begin from January 10, 2018 and the company will continue to work in regular mode after since then.



Summing up the results of 2017, we are proud of our work and the goals that have been fulfilled.



For the year 2017, Elect Capital:
1. Conducted a full re branding of the company.
2. Implemented a cycle of updates of all systems in three phases with the involvement of a large number of improvements and functional innovations.
3. Launched a completely new product: Elect Trading.
4. Conducted over 10 international conferences.
5. Increased the number of Agents of the company by 2 times.
6. The company’s capitalisation has grown 5-fold due to the growth of Bitcoin.
6. Additional offices were opened in 4 countries of the world.
7. Launched a successful large-scale advertising campaign for 6 countries in multiple digital formats.
8. In 2017, the average monthly passive earnings of the client company are about $6324.
9. In 2017, Elect Capital earned and paid over $ 290,000,000 to its customers



As usually, in 2017 the company has fully fulfilled all the goals and obligations set for all customers and successfully continues to do so!



Congratulations on the upcoming 2018 and thank you for your cooperation.
We wish you a good mood and a pleasant stay for the New Year holidays!