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Elect Capital - International Investment Company, which manages all attracted funds by investing them into various spheres of activity, thereby providing a high return for investors and partners.

Company stats

Business is developing successfully in
5 world countries
The average sum of Elect Capital clients investment package is $950
The investment portfolio volume is increasing by 20% per month
198.5% average net profit per year from all investment packages
2.7% of the company's profits are granted to the insurance fund which provides protection against financial risks
Every 9-th person, who first learns of the Elect Capital Company, becomes its investor
Every 24 hours the company sends the profit into client accounts for each active investment package

Thousands of investors have already started making money with us

Low entry threshold investment package price starts from $25
Representations in all the cities The company is actively opening offices in all cities for the investors convenience
Effective ROI The payback period of the investment package starts from 27 days
Passive Income You can become a partner and attract investors, receiving high passive income starting from the first day
Taxfree income Investment income is released from taxation, due to the fact that the company produces all of the transactions in Bitcoins
Launch in any city Elect Capital Company operates worldwide. It does not matter what city and what country you are in, you can become part of the company

Elect Capital on a world map

Company ensures the security of financial operations

Personal data protectionData protection is carried out by MyDLP technology and Comodo Security Solutions encryption
99% uptime A powerful server infrastructure Built in the best European data centers provides high reliability, which is confirmed by data monitoring systems
250,000 queries per second This is a limit our servers are capable of, and the average ping is less than 30 ms!
Database and control systems backup redundant database management by separating data into clusters
256-bit Encryption Encrypted data is transferred using a 2048-bit certificate and SHA-1 and SHA-2 hash algorithms

Elect Capital opens its offices in many different locations
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